It's a bacterial world, we merely live in it!

There are trillions of microorganisms that live in and on us. One of the highest concentrations of such microorganisms can be found in the gut. The gut microbiome is important in digestion as we all know. BUT, in recent years, research has found that it can affect other seemingly unconnected things such as mental well-being, cardiovascular health, immune function, and even chronic disease. Let us introduce you to this unique microbial world that lives inside of you and how they might be your missing link to better health!

AMILI Bio+Me Gut Microbiome Test

Get access to 14 different indicators about your health and wellness and hundreds of nutritional recommendations.

Learn about the different bacteria that make up your gut and see how diverse your gut microbiome is. The greater your microbiome diversity, the healthier your gut.

Learn about the different bacteria that make up your gut and see how diverse your gut microbiome is. The greater your microbiome diversity, the healthier your gut.

Think Well

Your gut is associated with the production of neurotransmitters that influence your feelings, mood, and affect your brain function. The ‘Think Well’ category measures your levels of certain neurotransmitter-influencing microbes that are important to your mental health.
• Improve your mood
• Think clearer
• Regulate negative emotions well

Live Well

The ‘Live Well’ category looks at the pathways that your microbes take to produce chemicals that impact your heart health, gut health, and liver health.
• Promote heart health (avoid strokes and cardiovascular diseases)
• Maintain liver health
• Improve digestive wellness

Feel Well

The ‘Feel Well’ category measures your microbiome's efficiency in breaking down nutrients and producing short-chain fatty acids, which are important compounds that help us produce, store, and use energy.
• Improve metabolism
• Boost energy levels

Eat Well

Personalised nutrition recommendations are developed by our in-house nutrition team based on your microbiome scores, and according to your dietary preferences. Recommendations are split into foods you should eat and foods you may want to avoid to improve scores under the Feel Well, Think Well and Live Well categories.
The ‘Health’ indicators provide an indication of whether you may be at risk of contracting certain preventable diseases like Obesity, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and NASH (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). While not a diagnosis, these scores can give you an early indication for you to take pre-emptive measures to protect your health.

Your microbiome sequencing journey

1. Activate
2. Collect
Collect your stool sample by following the instruction leaflet in our easy, non-invasive gut microbiome test kit
3. Send
Once you have collected your stool sample, seal it in the Ziploc® bag and padded envelope provided and drop it off at your nearest post office (prepaid postage provided)!
4. Track
Track the progress of your sample from your registered account. Your results should be available within 4-6 weeks from the receipt of your sample and completion of your lifestyle questionnaire.

See how your scores evolve!

Test your gut microbiome every 3-6 months

Track your think well, live well, and feel well scores over time

Watch your gut microbiome evolve as you optimise your health through nutrition recommendations

Get updated nutrition recommendations to maintain and improve your health

The Science behind Bio+Me

AMILI (Asian Microbiome Library) is the first microbiome company to use 16s rRNA sequencing and our own bioinformatics pipeline to analyse your microbiome.
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